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Sec 2 eStreaming

Note: Information updated as at 25 Jan 2019


Activity Date Duration
Sec 2 Meet-the-Parents 25-January -
eStreaming Admin Briefing to Students 26-July -
Pre-eStreaming Exercise via eStreaming online portal 26-July (12pm noon) to 30-July (12pm noon) 4 days
Release of Sec 2 Report Books (PTM) 25-October -
Actual eStreaming Exercise via eStreaming online portal 25-October (12pm noon) to 29-October (12pm noon) 4 days
Release of eStreaming results 12-November (12pm noon) -
Appeal 12-November (12pm noon) to 15-November (12pm noon) 3 days
Release of Appeal results / Final posting 22-November (12pm noon) -

  • You must discuss with your parents/guardians on your choices and preferences before submitting online.
  • Login to eStreaming online portal here.
  • To login into eStreaming online portal, UserID is "DSS + last six characters of NRIC"
  • E.g. If your NRIC is T1234567A, your UserID will be DSS34567A. Default password will be sent to your official email account (your_name@dunmansec.edu.sg).
  • You are required to change password at first login.
  • You will be asked to provide an email address. If you have forgotten your password, you may self-reset your password. New password will be emailed to you.
  • You are allowed to amend your submission even after you had successfully submitted your options. The system will take your last submission before 29-October (12pm noon) as final.
  • For appeal (after released of results on 12-Nov (12pm noon), you are required to submit the Appeal Form through the General Office only. Appeal Form can be downloaded here or obtained from the General Office. Appeal Form has to be submitted before 15-Nov (12pm noon).