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Sec 1 CCA Selection

At Dunman Secondary School, our students’ Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) programmes are full and varied. Dunmanites are keen learners in pursuit of their passion and interest, which the school supports whole-heartedly and thoroughly.

Dunmanites are truly keen on their many interests; be it Uniformed Groups, Sports & Games, Performing Arts, or Clubs. Whichever CCA they are in, nurturing a sense of commitment and dedication to their craft is the culture here, and we want to engage them in a CCA which they can develop and excel in.

Below are all the CCAs offered in Dunman Secondary School:

Uniformed Groups

Performing Arts

Sports and Games


NCC (Air) (Boys)


Badminton (Boys)

Info-Comm Club


Concert Band


Media Club Club

Red Cross


Football (Girls)

Green Club


Guitar Ensemble

Netball (Girls)



Modern Dance

Volleyball (Boys)


All Dunmanites are required to take up a CCA from one of the core CCAs offered in Dunman.

In Secondary One, the school will organize performing arts auditions and sports trials at the beginning of the year to identify students’ area of strength. During the CCA Fair, there will be exhibition and performances from CCAs to provide students with more information about the CCAs, so that they can decide which CCA they would like to join.

All Secondary 1 students will be allotted a CCA based on one of five choices that the students have selected and they are expected to remain in that CCA for the duration of their secondary school years unless they have medical reasons that preclude them from serving their commitments to the CCA.

Students are reminded to make their choices wisely as they may not be allotted CCA of their first choice in cases where the CCA is oversubscribed and they may be allotted choices other than their 1st choice.