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Student Management

Philosophy on Student Development & Management

To promote a safe & conducive environment and discipline with care & dignity.

Student Development & Management Approaches

The school adopts a whole-school, multi-pronged approach to student development and managementthrough the following key strategies:

  1. Whole School Approach through involving all staff and students in establishing supportivepolicies, systems and practices.

  2. Building a culture of care through establishing positive school and school classroomenvironments in which students feel safe and cared for and have a sense of belonging to theschool.

  3. Delivering structured Character & Citizenship Education Programme that teach and provideopportunities for application of values and skills necessary for demonstrating positivebehaviours.

  4. Providing intervention support for specific groups of students who require help in managingtheir behaviours and address unmet developmental and intrapersonal needs.

  5. Providing capacity building opportunities for teachers to enable them to carry out theirdisciplinary role effectively.