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Character & Citizenship Programme



Mission / Objectives of Department

Vision: To nurture Distinctive Dunmanites who will become Ethical Change-makers

Mission: The CCE Department is is committed to the mission of providing guidance and support for social and emotional learning to all Dunmanites in order that they become young adults of fine character, capable of achieving academic excellence and making positive contributions to Singapore.

Programmes and Activities

  • Assembly Programme
The Assembly programme in Dunman Secondary School is closely link to the total curriculum programme of nurturing students holistically. Its objectives are to build a school spirit and identity as well as to showcase projects and talents through a variety of performances, talks and specialised events organised both internally and externally.

Assembly 2.jpg Assembly 1.jpg
Feel the Power Assembly Talk

Speak Good EL Week Photo 1.jpg Speak Good EL Week Photo 2.jpg
Speak Good English Week Assembly Programme

  • Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) Lessons
The goal of the CCE lessons is to inculcate values and build competencies in our students so as to develop them not just to be good individuals but useful citizens. Students are engaged and enriched through the special crafted in-house heritage modules where students learn about the school’s rich history. Student leaders also conduct leadership modules for their peer during CCE lessons using the leadership challenge model.

CCE Photo 1.jpg
Dunman Heritage Modules

  • Cyber-wellness Programme
Through our programmes and initiatives, the Cyber Wellness committee aims to promote the importance of good cyber-wellness practices among Dunman students and staff, and encourage them to be safe and responsible users in cyber space.

  • Education and Career Guidance (ECG) Programme
Keeping abreast of the emerging trends and developments as well as remain in line with SkillsFuture, Dunman ECG curriculum takes on a more structured yet segmented approach to provide exposure to a wide range of education and career options to our students. Through various platforms such as Career Guidance Seminar for our graduating students, learning journeys to post-secondary institutions and work industries, and ECG guidance modules, we hope to provide students with the necessary information to make an informed decision for their post-secondary education options.

ECG 4.jpg ECG 2.jpg
ECG 6.jpeg ECG 1.jpg
Post Secondary Institutions and Career Booths and Classes

ECg 5.jpg ECG 3.jpg
  • Monthly Thoughts Worth Sharing Programme
This initiative was originally started to inspire students to internalise the meaning of the five school’s core values. This year it has been revised to include screening of relevant images or videos and conclude with an actionable item where students can further distill the learning throughout the month.

Thoughts Worth Sharing photo 1.jpg
Mr Suresh, our principal inspiring the school during the Thoughts Worth Sharing Programme

  • Values In Action (VIA) Programme
The Values In Action (VIA) programme in Dunman Secondary School is segmented. Every Dunmanite will go through a common learning experience (activities or programmes organised at school and level wide) during their four to five-year journey with the school. Opportunities are abound for students to show their care and empathy for the community.

VIA 2.jpg VIA Photo.jpg VIA 1.jpg
VIA photo 2.jpeg
  • Counselling Programme
The purpose of conselling programme providing timely counselling support for the students, Supporting the programme are the ECG counsellor, school counsellors teacher counsellors and AED (LBS - Learning Behaviour Specialist).

  • National Education Programme
The goal of the National Education programme is to develop national cohesion, cultivate the instinct for survival as a nation and boost student confidence in our nation’s future.

NE photo 2.jpeg