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Aesthetic Programme

The Dunman Aesthetic programme was envisioned where students of Dunman Secondary School get to enjoy aesthetics which encompasses of Music, Drama, Dance and Art and in return take the initiative in engaging in aesthetics-related activities so that they can contribute to the community.

The school anchors on a triple ‘E’ approach in implementing the aesthetic programmes and activities.

Opportunities are provided for students to expose them to the various forms of aesthetics through:
  • Assembly programmes
    Local talent groups which specialises in various forms of cultural music are invited to the school where students are exposed to the different forms of music which transcends across different cultures.
  • Learning journeys
    Trips to Art museums are planned so that students are exposed to the different learning environments as well as the various forms of Art paintings and installations.
  • Attending various arts activities
    Students get to attend various art activities within the school premise or in the community where they get to mingle with the local artist and their art pieces.

Opportunities are provided for students to experience various forms of aesthetics, through:
  • Classroom lessons (Music, Art, Literature, English)
    The Music lesson introduces Ukulele, Cajon and Garageband as part of their curriculum to get students to experience the various forms of music instruments. The Art lesson brings to students the Silk Painting, Face Mask, Fan Painting, among many of the different forms of Art techniques the students get to experience. The Literature and English lesson infused poetry and music in their lessons to bring life to the characters.
  • CCA (performing arts)
    The students are given a choice as part of their CCA to select one of the various forms of performing arts in the school so that they get to experience as well as pick up a musical skill which they can contribute back to the society.
  • Enrichment activities
    Programmes are planned so that the various levels of students are exposed to the different forms of art.

Opportunities are provided for students to excel in various forms of aesthetics, through:
  • Performances (SYF, public concerts, recess-time concerts, etc)
    The SYF is held every biennially where students in the performing art CCA get to perform and excel at a national level; usually spending their time to hone their skills in perfecting a score or a dance piece. Students from the lower sec music lesson also get to perform during the recess time where they belt out their renditions of “Xin yao” or local songs which they have practiced during their music lessons.
  • Art/Photography Exhibitions
    Art and Photography exhibitions are held every term where our own students get to display their art or photography pieces which always generate a lot of buzz and excitement.







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