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The Knowledge Place @ Library

The library team started conceptualising the use of library space as early as January 2018. The team carries extensive research on re-zoning library spaces to include zones for other activities like Makerspace, consultation rooms, other than reading. People visit the library for various reasons, not just to borrow books. The new library is re-zoned to cater to the various activities, where students learn new knowledge through reading and skills from the many activities, and it is the one place to go to, a truly The Knowledge Place.

Building our Tampines community with LEGO bricks

Making miniature local food

Building retro arcade machine


We also held meet-the-artist series where students interact with artists to learn more of their trade and the joy and challenges they face in their creative journey. One such activity was digital doodling where art students meet up a local doodling artist.

Digital doodling

Makerspace is the place to be creative, to build and explore new possibilities. This creative space fosters self-directedness and collaborative skills in our students. At the same time, it promotes the value of innovative ideas by allowing students an opportunity to tinker with their ideas in a hands-on learning environment to create innovative prototypes.