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Global Education

The comprehensively designed Global Education Programme (GEP) offers every student in our school an opportunity to extend their educational experience beyond Singapore to seed their global competency skills development.

Our growing network of partnerships include twinning schools arrangements in Indonesia, Vietnam and China; community service themed programmes in Malaysia and Thailand; and the Global Scholar Programme initiated by Global Cities Inc. that offers a project based, e-learning platform participated by students age 10-13 years old around the world.

Each GEP programme is carefully scaffolded to offer a varied exposure for students to the necessary global competency skills through an engaging and interactive experience in another country or collaborating with a global network of students via an IT-enabled platform.

We believe, in our vision to be an institution of excellence, that the educational experience delivered to our students has to adopt a global perspective; and that to nurture ethical change makers in our students, they have to grow in their awareness of global issues, learn to solve problems to deliver social impact, and learn to collaborate in a culturally diverse environment.