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ELIXiR PLUS Programme (STEM Talent Development)

As part of the Centre’s effort to outreach to schools in the East Zone and to cultivate the passion for learning Science, the ELIXiR+ Science Programme is extended to Upper Primary Students from schools in the East Zone.

Introductory Class series

STEM Design Challenge

Eligible for: Upper Primary students

Eligible for Primary 5 students only

Comprises of 4 online modular classes of 1 to 1.5 hour each on ZOOM covering the following theme:

  • Introduction to STEM
  • Sustainability and Emerging Technology
  • A Gentle Introduction to AI
  • Introduction to Design Thinking

At each of each class, every student will be invited to a STEM game challenge and he/she can win exciting prizes

Identified students will form a team of 4 (maximum 2 teams per school). They will be required to solve a challenge together as a team using the given material.

This challenge will take place online for a duration of 5 hours (inclusive of 2 hours of hands-on activity)

At the end of the challenge, each student from the top 3 teams will receive exciting prize.

This STEM Design Challenge will serve as the qualifying criteria to apply for DSA-STEM to Dunman Secondary School in 2022.

Students who are posted to Dunman Secondary School through the DSA-STEM programme will join a STEM related CCA as well as students in this CCA will be part of the ELIXiR+ programme.

The ELIXiR+ program aims to develop and support our Dunmanities from young STEM Innovators to STEM leaders. The table summaries the programme provided to support them.

Lower Secondary

Sec 1

  • Involved in a 6-month project where they take on a solution centric approach to solve a school based problem.
  • Formed a STEM Think-Tank where students interacts with others of the like-minded.

Sec 2

  • Involved in the Tampines Citizen Program (Value-In-Action driven) where students will select a list of task provided by Tampines Council. They will create a propose and design a protocol to address the issue raised.
  • Learning more Advanced technology
  • Serve as a STEM Ambassador with their involvement in the ELIXiRprogramme for Primary School as well as the school open house.

 Upper SecondarySec 3 and 4

  • Learn STEM Elective Module as part of their curriculum
  • Outstanding student will be nominated for the A* Science Award
  • STEM Advocates
  • Singapore Science and Engineer Fair (SSEF)