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Mission / Objectives of Programme


The ELIXiR STEM Programme is an enrichment programme that aims to promote the joy of learning and learning for life in Science and STEM.


Sec 1 - Explore STEM

Exposure to different fields in STEM through:

a)    Workshops (E.g. Design Thinking)

b)    Choice Enrichment Activities

Students get to choose one activity from a diverse range of activities such as AMGEM workshop 1, Forensic Science, DNA extraction, etc to take part.

DNA Extraction.png

DNA Extraction

Forensic Science.png
Forensic Science

Clean Energy Vehicle.png
Clean Energy Vehicle

c)    Learning Journey
Learning Journey to Sungei Buloh Wetland, Botanic Garden, etc are arranged to extend their learning beyond the classroom.

d)    Online micro-modules
In 2022 onwards, students can dive deeper to learn more about  climate change, Emerging Technology, Sustainability etc during their HBL slot. In each module, there will tasks for students to complete to deepen their understanding.

e)    Competitions (for selected students):
      • The Genetic Modification Advisory Committee (GMAC) Students Challenge
      • Science Busking Competition etc

Sec 2 - STEM for Life & Society

  • Understand and apply scientific concept and Design Thinking to solve a problem based task.

  • Choice Enrichment Activities (available from 2022 onwards)
    • Similar to secondary 1, students get to choose one activity from a diverse range of activities. Some of these activities such as AMGEM 2 is a progressive module where the skills learnt in Secondary 1 are further enhanced and sharpen.

  • Others such as Fun with electronic provide opportunities for students to explore further. 

Sec 3 - Innovations in STEM

  • See how STEM is incorporated in industries to solve real world issue.

  • Provide opportunities solve solution centric and/or problem centric task via
    1. Engagement Session with Scientist and/or industrial partners
      • Selected and interested students are given opportunities to interact with Scientist to understand their work better and how emerging technology can be incorporated together to solve real world issue or problem.
    2. National and/or international competitions (for selected students) such as:
      • Olympiad competition (training will be provided)
      • Ignite Science Challenge
      • Youth Innovation Challenge
      • National Science Challenge
      • NExplorer
      • Green Wave etc

Sec 4/5 - eXcel in STEM

  • Consolidation of experience via STEM Student Portfolio
  • Mentorship to Juniors

School-wide - individual Responsibility

  • To educate each individual on their roles that they played and their impact via:

    1. Assembly Programme
    2. Exhibitions