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Our Facilities

The continuing development of our school facilities and expansion of our network of ‘Real World’ learning environments offered by our strategic partners are designed to create a supportive and collaborative space for our students to learn, collaborate and play together. It is to provide a ‘Second Home’ experience where your child feels secure, connected and motivated to participate in learning and be inspired to grow into an ethical change-maker.

We have been steadily investing in our school facilities renewal program to ensure our facilities remain relevant to evolving needs of our students. Recent enhancements took aim at more innovative experiments ranging from creating a makerspace in the newly revamped school library where students can explore their interests in a fun hands-on way, to simpler adoption of technology like IdeaPaint walls in learning spaces where students can benefit from a more visually engaging learning experience.

Tinker Room.jpg
Undergirding these changes is our commitment to the strategic objective of a SMART school. Our school learning and security facilities will continue to become more advanced technology-based and at the same time eco-friendly in our endeavour to achieve energy efficiency. We are pleased that MOE has chosen our school to pilot the MOE school security upgrading project and to be included in the SolarNova program driving solar power adoption at the national level.