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Dunman Secondary Alumni (DSA)

Dunman Secondary Youth Alumni (DYA)

The Dunman Youth Alumni (DYA) was set up in 2014 to connect with alumni members below the age of 30.

The DYA partners the school in various activities and shows strong support for current cohorts by sharing their myriad experiences preparing for post-secondary life and adapting to changes beyond school. The EXCO members of the DYA are featured in the organizational chart below.

President: Sung Mei Yee (2011)
Vice-President: Muhd Zulfiqah (2013)
Vice-President / Secretary: Iris Sin (2015) and Kym Koh (2015)
Events Coordinator: Tay Poh Yang (2015)
Outreach & Publicity Coordinator: Edwin Chan (2015) and Song Xin Jie (2015)

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