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Parental Involvement

Dunman Dedicated and Supportive Parents Group (DSP) is actively involved in supporting key events and programmes of the school such as Care and Share Fund - Raising Day, Annual Cross Country, Sports and Recreation Club, Coffee with the Principal, Parenting Talk, Learning Journeys, Night Programme for graduating classes, Dunman Open House and other school activities.

Care & Share Day

Dunman Dedicated and Supportive Parents Group (DSP) organises a major event in collaboration with the school, Dunman Secondary Alumni (DSA) and School Advisory Committee (SAC) to raise fund for the needy students or charitable organisation such as Singapore Cancer Association.


Cross Country

Dunman Dedicated and Supportive Parents' Group (DSP) actively participates in the Staff and Parents' Race during our annual Cross Country run. DSP members also sets up Health Booth in promoting healthy living by providing healthy snacks such as granola bars and banana.


Coffee with the Principal

Through the Level Representatives of Dunman Dedicated and Supportive Parents' Group (DSP), parents raise their concerns and give feedback on School Time Table, Assessments, Homework policies and Co-curricular Activities. The School Leaders and School Management Committee would address these issues through the 'Coffee with the Principal' sessions.


Parenting Talk

Dunman Dedicated and Supportive Parents' Group (DSP) organises Quality Family Time through Reading and Effective Communication to better equip our parents in building strong relationship with their teens.


Sports and Recreation Club

Some of our DSP members volunteer their services to the school as chaperons. They accompany Sec 1 and 2 students for various activities such as Bowling, Kayaking and Golf.


Dunman Open House

Dedicated and Supportive Parents' Group (DSP) sets up Exhibition Booth during Dunman Open House for Primary Six students. The DSP members would share their children's experiences in the school.