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Talent Development Programme


Dunman Secondary school is a Centre of Excellence for Innovations in Science. It draws its students from a narrow PSLE band and they have done well in Science, Mathematics and Design subjects. However, even among the rather homogeneous group of students, there is still a range of students of various abilities. For students who are outstanding, there is a need to develop them further to help them realise their fullest potential. This is in line with the promise of the school for each student to be a leader, scholar, trailblazer, athlete and patriot.


The Talent Development Programme (TDP) aims to develop and spur the outstanding students to strive for excellence and achieve greater success, particularly in becoming trailblazers. They are also to become good role models for other students to emulate. These students will also take up greater responsibility to contributing back to the community and offer services in line with the school's vision to nurture ethical change-makers. The school value (5Ds) are imbued in the programme where students are provided various opportunities and platforms to display their determination for success, daring endeavour for innovations, discernment in their decision, discipline in time management and duty to fulfilment of tasks.


The domains that the Programme is currently looking at are:
1. Science
2. Mathematics
3. Design


1. Identification

The Programme will identify students through multiple means.

These include:
  • Results in the relevant academic areas 
  • Teacher recommendation 
  • Interview 

2. Development

The Programme will provide training for these students. The training will further develop the students' strengths and talents in the respective domains. Personal coaching and guidance will also be provided. The training will be coordinated so that it will fit into the students' general curriculum and the overall Individual Education Plan (IEP) of the students.

3. Exposure

The School recognises the importance of providing students a comprehensive understanding of the world around them. This will help them see the relevance of their learning and the role they can play in the society. This exposure will also excite and inspire them to excel and work towards a purposeful goal in life.

Some of the activities will include:
  • Visits to key organisations that are breaking new grounds 
  • National and International Competitions 
  • Conferences, Seminars, Workshops and Learning Journeys 
  • Internship 
  • Service-learning 

4. Achievement

Students will be given various opportunities for competitions. The platform for competitions will not only help build their portfolio but also help them benchmark with the best at national and international levels. This will spur them to aim for greater peaks. The competitions will be coordinated by the various coordinators so that students will not be over-taxed. These achievements will be updated in the LEAPs accordingly.

5. Service

"With great power, comes great responsibility"

The school endeavours to develop in all our students a strong sense of social responsibility. For outstanding students, it is even more important to impress upon them how much more they can and should give back to the community. It is also critical to develope this mindset in them when they are young.

To achieve this, the Programme will organise various projects and activities for them:
  • To be buddies or 'Big Brother/Sister' to the selected Primary school students during outreach activities 
  • To be buddies or "Ambassadors" to host the foreign students from Twinning Programme schools e.g. Rysensteen Gymnasium 
  • Community Involvement Project.


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National Earthquake Competition

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Science Basking Festival

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TDP Camp

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