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At Dunman Secondary School, the following lessons from the Growing Years Programme will be taught in 2018:

Secondary 4

At the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to:
Lessons about Love
(Part 4a)
(60 mins)
  • explain the process of grief and loss that people experience when a relationship breaks down
  • exercise sensitivity and empathy when communicating break- ups
  • recognise that one can emerge stronger after a break-up
Term 1 Week 8
"Familiar" Strangers Alert
(Part 2)
(60 mins)
  • know what is considered pornographic material on the Internet under the Internet code of practice
  • reflect on the legal consequences of sexual behaviour and include these considerations in their decision-making pertaining to pornography
Term 1 Week 10
At the Crossroads
(Part 2)
(30 mins)
  • distinguish between biologically-based and socially-conditioned gender characteristics
  • evaluate views towards self and others, with regard to gender differences and stereotypes
Term 2 Week 1
Lessons about Love
(Part 4b)
(60 mins)
  • recognise that commitment is a necessary ingredient for success in a marriage
  • identify responsibilities involved and the challenges faced in marriages
Term 2 Week 4
(60 mins)
    Description of the Main Task:
  • This main task will capture the culmination of learning in Secondary 4 level.
  • Students are to work on the main task in groups of 4 or 5.
  • Each group is to take on a topic of interest from the following: rejections and broken relationships, pornography, gender identity or marriage, cohabitation and divorce.
  • Groups can share their learning for the chosen topic in the form of a debate, a mini-teach, the depiction and discussion of case scenarios, a discussion of consequences that follows after the viewing of a video or a live-chat, or any preferred mode.
  • At the end of all the presentations, students are to assess and reflect upon their own learning using a reflection form.
  • Teacher to round up by summarizing key learning outcomes for each topic, emphasizing on the key values and attitudes
Term 2 Week 5