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Life Science

Life Science Programme

The Dunman Life Science Programme is a 14-lessons programme catering to all Secondary 2 (Express/NA/NT) Science students. The programme is specially designed to give students various aspects of Life Science, ranging from the basics on preparation of media for bacteria culture to forensics science DNA fingerprinting, and to higher level bioinformatics. The students do not only gain hands-on learning experience, but also deepen their knowledge and application of Life Science in the real world. The programme is conducted in the Life Science Centre in the school, which is a fully equipped facility with modern equipment and apparatus.

Life Science Centre

The key facility of the Centre of Excellence at Dunman is the Life Science Centre. Established since 2002, the Life Science Centre reaches out to all primary and secondary schools in the East Zone to offer exciting Life Science workshops for students. The Life Science Centre also supports schools in customizing workshops for their teachers and students. Teachers and students can also make use of the facilities in the Life Science Centre to carry out research projects.

For enquiries, please contact: Dunman Life Science Centre
Tel: 6786 2668 (ext. 206)
Email: dunmanlifescience@gmail.com