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COE for Innovations in Science


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Mission / Objectives

The Centre of Excellence (COE) at Dunman focuses on Innovations in Science, and prides itself to lead in continuous improvements in the teaching and learning of Science with originality and creativity. Through its diverse programmes and activities for both students and teachers, the COE hopes to increase its outreach to more schools in the East Zone. By creating opportunities in the learning and teaching of Science beyond the classroom, the COE aims to inspire both students and teachers to cultivate the spirit of innovation in Science, so as to build a desired culture at the individual and school level.

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Programmes and Activities

This year, there will be a range of programmes and activities offered by the COE that cater to both students and teachers in the subject area of Biology/ Life Science, Physics, Chemistry and Environmental Science. The workshops are categorized mainly under the following areas: students (scheduled date), students (flexible date), teachers and TSOs.

For Biology/ Life Science, the Life Science Centre at Dunman continues to offer interesting Life Science workshops for primary and secondary schools in the East Zone. The Centre also supports schools to customize workshops for their teachers and students. East Zone students and teachers can make use of the facilities in the Centre to carry out Science research projects. Schools are also welcomed to use the Centre to conduct lessons in Life Science as part of their science curriculum. We have also started a new collaboration with AMGEN foundation and Science Centre to offer Biotechnology workshop to create a more enriching experiences for students in life Science applications.

For Chemistry, there will be a one-day camp on Kitchen Chemistry for upper primary students to engage their sensory and visual skills while they learn Chemistry in a fun and innovative manner.

For Physics, the partnership with Science Centre offers a series of workshops for teachers. CRADLΣ Physics workshops conducted by Science Centre trainers will be hosted in Dunman, so teachers in the East Zone can find greater convenience in travelling and enjoy the opportunities of professional development. For the first time in Dunman, there will also be workshop conducted for students by CRADLΣ. On top of this, there will be a one-day camp on Junior Scientist for upper primary student to engage their sensory and visual skills while they learn Physics in a fun and innovative manner.

For all student programmes, there is provision of 100% or 50% subsidies for programme costs less than $10/student or more than $10/student respectively.

Details of the programmes offered in 2018 can be found here

For enquiries, please contact:
Dunman Life Science Centre
Tel: 6786 2668 (ext. 206)
Email: dunmanlifescience@gmail.com