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Mission / Objectives of Department

Dunmanites who are Disciplined in Mind and Conduct.


1. To provide Dunmanites with a conducive environment to
  • achieve academic excellence in line with the school’s academic goals.
  • excel in CCA in line with the school goals.
  • be creative and innovative and forge breakthroughs

2. To instil in students Discipline and Discernment through a set of expectations.

3. To develop a caring and sharing environment, where pupils put the interest of others before their own.

Programmes and Activities

A whole-school approach is adopted where teachers are strongly  encouraged to manage discipline at the classroom and form-class level.

  1. Advisors - Principal and Vice-Principal.
  2. Overall In charge – Discipline Master.
  3. Discipline Committee – Level Coordinators, OM and AEDs.
  4. All staff – managing discipline at the classroom level.

A referral system has been put in place to  support teachers in their management of serious (BETA) offenders.