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Mission / Vision of Department

The department strive to establish a repertoire of innovative teaching pedagogies and learning practices in Science by Educators and encourage a spirit of discovery and an attitude of excellence in the learning of Science for Student Learners.

For student: To be a Critical and Inventive Thinker who embodies Dunman’s 5 fundamental values of Discernment, Discipline, Daring, Determination and Duty.

For staff: To be a learning facilitator and a leader of inquiry who has a strong commitment to continual improvement and ask questions that generate thought and movement forward as well as keeping learning relevant.

Programmes and Activities

All Secondary two students will be exposed to the Life Science Program and Science-ICCT Project work at the end of their Sec 2 curriculum.


Sec 2 Life Science Programme

The programme is specially designed to give students various aspects of Life Science, ranging from the basics on preparation of media for bacteria culture to forensics science DNA fingerprinting, and to higher level bioinformatics. The students do not only gain hands-on learning experience, but also deepen their knowledge and application of Life Science in the real world. The programme is conducted in the Life Science Centre in the school, which is a fully equipped facility with modern equipment and apparatus.

Sec 2 Science-ICT Project Work

In this programme, students are given opportunities to learn programming language through  the use of X-code or create apps to teach Science related concepts with the use Gamesalad or learning to use a 3D printer.


A range of competitions were offered to our students to stretch them cognitively. Students can sign for these competitions based on their strengths or interest or are nominated by the respective science teachers

Some of these competitions offered are:

  • Singapore Biology Junior Olympiad
  • Singapore Chemistry Junior Olympiad
  • Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad
  • ICAS Science
  • Australian National Chemistry Quiz
  • IgnITE Challenge

Enrichment programme:

  • STAR Lecture
  • CRADLE Work Experience Program (offered by Science Centre)