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Mission / Objectives of Department

To nurture students into creative thinkers and loyal citizens with a global outlook.

Mastery of Mother Tongues to unlock the door of their own culture.

Programmes and Activities

The MTL department adopts innovative approaches such as Differentiated Instruction, Thinking Routines, Lesson Study, TFU and PETALS framework to encourage more active and engaged learning in our students.

These models form the guidelines for teachers to guide and facilitate students’ process of learning and nurturing them into confident and independent learners. Students also benefit through critical thinking and differentiated pedagogies to become lifelong learners.

We were selected by MOE to pilot different projects including IMTL Portal, 2012 New Syllabus, School based curriculum projects etc.

In 2014, Malay Language Unit was invited by Malay Language Centre of Singapore to set up a game booth for the Official Opening Ceremony of MALAY LANGUAGE CENTRE OF SINGAPORE cum MALAY Language Fest to showcase our innovation in Learning Malay Language using board game JADI, APA (kah jawapan kamu)?" or in English "SO, WHAT (is your answer)?".

The game is based on Dunman's own Malay Language Unit board game, 'Bahasa Melayu Gerek!' which was funded by Citibank Ideas-In-Action, and the Mother Tongue Fortnight quiz held this year.