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Mission / Objectives of Department

Our Vision

A discerning Dunmanite who appreciates the environment, keeps up-to-date with current issues, and possesses the ability to link the past, present and future.

Our Mission

The Humanities Department is determined to provide students with a holistic and vigorous learning experience to help our students see the world through multiple lenses. We seek to equip our students with critical thinking and communication skills as well as encourage them to develop a global perspective so that they can become confident persons who are able to navigate the complexities of a rapidly changing world, active contributors and concerned citizens.

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Programmes and Activities

Inquiry-Based Learning

1. Geographical Investigation

Dunman’s Geographical Investigation (GI) provides students with the opportunities to appreciate real-world application of geographical knowledge and help them acquire 21st Century Competencies. From Secondary 1 to Secondary 3, Geography students carry out inquiry-based learning on various issues.

2017/2018 GI Highlights


2. Historical Investigation

In our quest to pique students’ historical curiosity and provide them with a critical historical lens, we have designed Historical Investigation (HI) that makes real what has been learnt in the classroom. Some examples of HI sites include the Fort Canning Battle Box, former Ford factory, Chinatown Heritage Centre, Malay Heritage Centre and Indian Heritage Centre where students interact with sources and apply Historical concepts.

2017/2018 HI Highlights


HI Indian Heritage Centre 2018.jpg

Social Studies Learning Journey

To help our students negotiate with an increasingly complex, fast-changing society, all Secondary Three students participated in a guided learning tour of various sites. On conclusion of the learning journeys, students delved into an expert-groups sharing of whether there is genuine understanding within the diverse groups (i.e. racial, religious, socio-economic) in Singapore.  

Some examples of Learning Journey sites include:

·      Jalan Besar Civics Trail
·      Chinatown Cultural Walk
·      Silat Road Sikh Temple
·      Jamae Masjid and Chinatown Heritage Centre

LEARNING JOURNEY Chinatown Heritage Center 2018.JPG

LEARNING JOURNEY Chinatown Cultural Walk 2018.JPG


LEARNING JOURNEY Jamae Masjid 2018.jpg

Overseas Exchange Programme

Every year, the Dunman Humanities Department hosts students and teachers from Santa Laurensia Junior High School on their annual visit to Singapore and Dunman Secondary School. During their visit held between 21 and 23 March 2018, our Secondary 2 students were given the opportunity to act as student buddies. Together, they carried out Values-in-Action programmes and presentations on the topic of ‘Sustainable Environment’.


Dunman Secondary also conducts a biennial Overseas Immersion Programme to Jakarta, Indonesia, where we visit Santa Laurensia Junior High School and various geographical and historical places in Jakarta.


Competitions & Achievements

The Dunman Humanities Department provides every Humanities student with opportunities to achieve their fullest potential.

Geography Competitions
NUS Geography Challenge
    o   2015: Gold Award
    o  2016: Silver Award

History Competitions

Inter-School War and Diplomacy Card Game Challenge

        o   2015: Certificate of Participation

        o   2016: 2nd Runner-up – Individual Category

        o   2017: 1st Place – Individual Category

        o   2018:1st Runner-up Team Category

        o   2018: 1st Place- Individual Category (Rhea Lim: 3 Harmony)

War and Diplomacy Card Game 2018 Team.jpg

War and Diplomacy Card Game 2018 Individual.jpg

National Library Board Historical Investigation Challenge 2016

        o   2016: Certificate of Participation

        o   2017: Certificate of Participation

        o   2018: Certificate of Participation