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National Cadet Corps (Air)



Established in 1999, Dunman NCC Air aims to instill in our cadets pride and honor.  We aim to do our best in all our endeavors, be it in competitions or involving our cadets in enriching activities.   

In 2018, we received our 16th consecutive Gold Award for our performance in 2017 in the Best Unit Competition (BUC). In the Aero-modelling Competition, we achieved 2nd Overall while in the Orienteering Competition, we achieved 2nd position in our category. We thank our cadets for their dedication and perseverance in training, and also the parents and teachers of our cadets for their continuous support. 

NCC Air offers a variety of activities, such as hands-on training at the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) fighter and helicopter simulator centres, military plane and helicopter joyrides, SAR-21 shooting, aeromodelling, proficiency wings courses, Outward Bound and airbase attachments. In addition, there are also camps such as Camp Forge, Camp Steel, Senior Specialist Leaders Camp and Combined Uniformed Groups Camp. The list goes on.

Our cadets also get the opportunity to embark on events such as Army Open House to enhance their knowledge on Total Defence.

These numerous activities act as a platform through which our cadets are exposed to the various aspects of the RSAF and the military, in the hope that some will be inspired to reach for the skies to serve as pilots in the RSAF. These activities also enable our cadets to learn and grow into responsible, knowledgeable and well-rounded leaders.

As a uniformed group, drills form an integral part of our training. This is where respect, discipline, perseverance and sheer grit are inculcated into our cadets. In this aspect, we are proud to share that our cadets are well-trained and play an important part in various school parades. In 2017, two of our cadets also contributed in the 52nd National Day Parade marching contingent.

Our training is however not limited to the “AIR” syllabus. Our cadets play different sports such as soccer, combat laser tag and rock-climbing during training to have fun while at the same time building trust, teamwork and camaraderie between themselves.

With growing support from the RSAF, we will continue to seek new avenues to enrich the NCC Air experience of our cadets and to identify and encourage the next budding pilot in our midst.



2018: Distinction
2015 to 2017:
Gold Award in Best Unit Competitions


Mondays: 4pm to 6.30pm
Fridays: 3pm to 6.30pm

Other ad-hoc trainings depend on the dates allocated by NCC HQ.