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String Ensemble


Dunman Secondary School's String Orchestra is an orchestra composed solely or primarily of instruments from the string family. These instruments are the violin, the viola, the cello and the double bass. A piano is sometimes used to accompany the orchestra.

String Orchestra participated in the Singapore Youth Celebration Presentation 2015 (SYC) and leading to that prestigious competition, our members showed their commitment, effort and determination by attending scheduled practices diligently. Dunman Secondary School String Orchestra attained a Certificate of Accomplishment and we will continue to strive hard and bring Dunman's String Ensemble to greater heights.

We believe that our String Orchestra will continue to soar to greater heights with the commitment from the teachers in charge, conductor and also many specialist tutors who will continue to add value to the CCA in many ways.

Lately, the String Orchestra is also exploring diversifying its musical interest to the pop genre to cater to the evolving world of music. Students in the CCA are encouraged to write their own lines for various music and also grow to lead small groups to execute pieces to display renditions of pieces original to Dunman Secondary School.

The String Orchestra has enjoyed a tremendously wonderful year in 2016 and is very blessed and thankful for all the successes that has come her way and will continue to chart new waters and strive for continued excellence in the years ahead.


2017: Accomplishment


Every Mondays and Wednesdays, 1530 - 1800hrs