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Stage Arts Drama



StageArts Drama is led by Ms Angelina Tang, Ms Neeta Rajwani, Mrs Janice Tan, and Ms Nurril. Students are trained by Ms Renee Chua and Ms Tan Li Ting. We train the members to live the spirit of performance, encompassing the following aims:

  • We want to be confident in speaking;
  • We want to express ourselves better;
  • We want to be able to convince others;
  • We want to learn to work well with others;
  • We want to learn what makes a good presentation (theatre/ speech);
  • We admire and appreciate good performances;
  • We are committed and disciplined;
  • We always want to do the best for our team.

We believe the spirit of performance encompasses life skills that stay with members throughout their lives and allow them to apply these skills in situations within and beyond the school context.

Each StageArts Drama members is known as a Drama StageArtisan.

Our aims are supported by what we learn. Please visit the 'Trainings' section of our webpage to see what we learn.


2017: Distinction


We learn:

  • Physical Theatre – Control of body movement for acting and confidence
  • Voice Projection – What you speak should be heard
  • Articulation – What you speak should be clear
  • Improvisation – What you do is about creativity and exploration
  • Stagecraft – What you do is an artistic creation of the stage/ presentation

CCA Days:

TUES 3:45pm - 6:10pm

THURS 3:45pm - 6:10pm

Venue: The Dance Studio and Humanities Room