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The choir is directed by the prominent conductor Mr Toh Ban Sheng and supported by a committed team of teachers.  Under Mr Toh’s directorship, the Choir made history as the first neighbourhood school choir to clinch Gold in the demanding Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Choral Competition in 1997.  Since then, the Choir continues to attain Gold at SYF in 1999, 2003, and 2005, the prestigious Gold (with Honours) award in 2007, 2009 and 2011 at the SYF and the Distinction award at the 2013, 2015 and 2017 Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentations.

The inaugural overseas tour to Sydney in 1996 was featured in Straits Times, a first among the neighbourhood school then.  The past overseas tour to London & Paris (1998), New Zealand (2000), Prague (2003), Czech Republic-Poland-Austria (2005), Bratislava -Slovakia (2007), Czech Republic-Germany (2009), Czech Republic-Austria (2010), Czech Republic-Poland-Hungary (2011) and Czech Republic-Austria-Germany (2013) provided invaluable exposure to our students.

In the last six overseas tours, the Choir also represented Singapore in international festivals and received 7 gold awards and 5 special prizes. The most recent awards were obtained in December at the 14th International Competition Festival of Christmas Music in Prague, where the young team won the Festival Laureate, placed 1st with a Gold in the Children's category and won 2 special awards (Conductor's Prize and for Dramaturgy).

Members are also given various opportunities to perform for the public. In 2010, 2012, 2015 and 2017, the Choir was invited by the Esplanade to put up a full-length concert, under the Limelight series, at the world-class Esplanade Concert Hall, all of which were very well-received. The Choir also holds yearly combined concerts with choirs from St Joseph’s Institution, Raffles Institution, Crescent Girls’ School and Catholic Junior College, the most recent being in April 2016, held at Mrs Lee Choon Guan Hall @ Anglo-Chinese School (Barker). Such concerts provide opportunities for the choir members to hone their performance skills and gain meaningful learning experiences and exchanges with other choirs as well.

Members are also encouraged to contribute to the school and society with their talent by performing in various school celebratory events such as Dunman’s Jubilee and Prize Giving Day. Activities such as welcome tea, farewell parties, Sports Day and Choir camp have been organized to promote bonding among members. Through these activities, members experience the importance of good leadership and teamwork, as well as the opportunity to develop into mature individuals.

We believe in character building and leadership training through musical pursuits.  Many of our students have benefited from past activities and tours, and are now assuming leadership roles in various areas within the school.  They have become better people through the discipline required in choir and teamwork activities.

We are thankful and blessed for the constant support from the school, parents and family, as well as the Dunman Choir alumni, without which the choir would not have achieved all that it has today.



Invited 4th time to present the Esplanade Limelight concert
Certificate of Distinction in SYF


Public Concert – This is the Moment


Invited 3rd time to present the Esplanade Limelight concert
Certificate of Distinction in SYF


Public Concert - Spiritus Cantus Est


Singapore Youth Celebrations - Distinction
14th International Competition Festival of Christmas Music Prague

Festival Laureate
1st with a Gold in the Children's category
2 special awards (Conductor's Prize and for Dramaturgy)

2011, 2009, 2007

Singapore Youth Festival
Gold (with Honours)


Festival of Advent and Christmas Music, Krakow.
1st in Children’s category, with Gold award
2nd in Chamber category, with Gold award


Performed to a full house in our first Esplanade Limelight Concert


Singapore Youth Festival
Gold (with Honours)

Gold Award & Special Jury Prize for Interpretation at Prague Christmas International Choral Festival


Public Concert at the Victoria Concert Hall


Singapore Youth Festival
Gold (with Honours)

Gold Award at 2nd International Festival of Advent & Christmas Music, Bratislava


Gold at SYF Choral Competition
Clinched Gold at the 15th International Festival of Advent and Christmas Music, Prague


Clinched the first international Gold award, Repertoire Prize and Conductor's Prize in Prague Christmas International Festival


Performance tour to New Zealand


Gold in SYF Choral Competition


First neighbourhood choir to clinch Gold in the SYF Choral Competition, which later merged with the Central Judging


Inaugural performance tour to Australia


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