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Dunman Concert Band has always been the distinguished CCA in the history of our school. Founded in 1969, it consists of 3 instrumental groups, namely the percussion, woodwinds and brasses.

We strongly believe that every child has the ability to learn how to play an instrument, can learn to work well with others as a team, and can learn to contribute towards the success of the Band. We consistently strive for excellence in all we do and we operate within an environment of deeply engrained values: Discipline, Dedication and Teamwork. Along with these values, the students develop important life skills of leadership and responsibility.

We are confident that under the “One For ALL, All For One” mentality and with the guidance from our instructors, coupled with DETERMINATION and DILIGENCE, the Band will continue to bring glory to Dunman in the years ahead.


2017: Accomplishment


Our instructor and tutor, Mr Lim Meng Keh and Mrs Chia Meow Hiang, have developed a structured training programme based on their rich background and extensive teaching and conducting experience with various organizations. Teachers and instructors strive to work together to bring the CCA and its members to greater heights in terms of character development and achievement.

Our practice is held twice a week at the Music Room from 230pm to 4pm for our Junior Band and from 4pm to 615pm for main band. Additional Saturday practices may be scheduled, especially during the SYF years.  Our students have many opportunities to perform internally and externally to showcase their talent and potential.