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Library Club


The Library Club is a service CCA – we offer an integral service to our school community as the Library is a critical part it. Today, school libraries no longer simply serve as a holding room of sorts for the various thick tomes collecting dust; instead, they should be part of a “broad network of learning communities for the creation and sharing of information and knowledge, unconstrained by time, space, media type and devices…”.

In Dunman Secondary School, we support the idea that school libraries should be a centre of:
  • Information Literacy support
  • Research Learning support
  • Information Technology learning

Indeed, the year 2009 marks a significant milestone in the long history of the library at Dunman. In the second term of that year, Dunman’s library moved to its present location on the ground floor of the main building. The two floor premises is indeed a far cry from our original single floor layout – we now have the lending collection on the first floor while the reading room is now located on the second level.

The first floor is also equipped with computer terminals and printers to enable students to carry out research for their various project works. It is also furnished with comfortable plush sofas to create a conducive environment for students to do their reading. Our print and non-print resources stand at around 20 000 and we are slowly but surely building up enough resources to ensure that we can support students’ learning. Teachers are also not neglected as references for them are also acquired regularly to ensure that they do not lack resources to help them remain ahead in the latest pedagogical strategies.

Our librarians are trained in Info and Media Literacy programmes by Civica; we work closely with the National Library Board (NLB) to offer a richer and more varied reading experience to our students. NLB librarians also come down to the school to train our librarians to be our Reading Ambassadors.




Library Hours
Mondays – Fridays: 8 am to 5.30 pm

We are open during the school vacation in March, September, June and December unless otherwise specified.
We are closed during the public and school holidays.