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Dunman Youth Alumni (DYA)


Established in 2014, the Dunman Youth Alumni (DYA) is the youth-wing of Dunman Secondary Alumni (DSA) and a platform for all graduated Dunmanites to continue their connections with Dunman Secondary School.

We hope that through DYA, Dunmanites will continue to serve the school in various ways, and support one another with a spirit of passion and service.

But above all, the DYA is a place for all Dunmanites to gather, so that through the stories we tell and the memories we share, we can continue to build strong and sincere relationships as Dunmanites, and strengthen the Dunman community.

The DYA is headed by its President Iris, along with an executive committee team comprised of Mei Yee, Zulfiqar, Kym, Poh Yang, Edwin and Jane. All working in tandem with a sizeable cast of alumni coordinators and volunteers.

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