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Administrative Team

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“We Don’t Just Do Our Job – It’s How We Make A Difference To You.”


To provide effective and responsibly managed resource support and services to the teachers and students in their pursuit of delivering excellence in learning outcomes.


To provide excellent support services and be accountable for positive impact created for our students and teachers.

Roles of Administrative Team

The Administrative Team perform wide-ranging functions to support the school’s daily operations and contribute in their own significant ways to the school’s long term development and growth as a school of choice. The core functions include estate, safety and security management, finance and human resource management, IT systems administration and development, as well as student administration. Some of our colleagues are also directly supporting the teachers’ lessons in the laboratories and workshops.

Our Service Excellence Model

A common goal unites all of us in our daily work. It is to go the extra mile and deliver a positive impact to our students and teachers through the core value of service excellence. To realize this goal, the Team has developed a unique service excellence model with the acronym, ‘DUNMAN’. Each staff in his or her own area of work and conduct are guided by the following core beliefs:
  • Strive to Delight others whom we serve.
  • Seek to Understand others whom we serve and their needs first.
  • Be Nurturing in our approach towards others and one another.
  • Make a difference in how we serve others.
  • Be Accurate and Accountable in discharging our responsibilities and performing tasks.
  • Never stop seeking improvements in our work and service.