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Science Programme


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Mission / Objectives of Department

The department strives to establish a repertoire of innovative teaching pedagogies and learning practices in Science by Educators and encourage a spirit of discovery and an attitude of excellence in the learning of Science for Student Learners.

Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment (CPA)

The ESTALA, an overarching Department framework, guides the teachers in the designing and crafting of lesson packages and enrichment program to provide an authentic learning experience as well as encourage higher thinking order among the students. During this process, inquisitive mind and intrinsic motivation will be activated among our students to bring about the Joy of Learning.

ESTElements of Scientific Thoughts
AL Active Learning

The department provides different courses in Science ranging from Pure Sciences to Combined Sciences to cater to the different needs and proficiency level of ours students. The Scientific Literacy of our students are strengthen through the 8 Elements of Scientific Thoughts which are introduced progressively over a span of 4 to 5 years of educations in Dunman Secondary.

Knowledge is not just constructed from direct instructions from our teachers but are also co-constructed among the students. As such, Active Learning strategies are used to bring about constructivist learning.

Our department also believes in providing varied mode of assessments ranging from projects to practical and written papers are used to provide a holistic assessment of our students. Formative assessment in the form of quizzes, online games, model making are also deployed to provide constant feedbacks to our students to inform them of where they are, where they should be and how to move forward.

Programmes and Activities

The positive learning experience of our students is not just achieved through our Instructional Program but also through our ELIXiR Science Enrichment Programme.

At Secondary One, the program aims to provide opportunities for our students to Explore Science. At secondary two, students will understand how Science can be applied in our daily Life. At Secondary three, students will be given opportunity to showcase Innovations in Science. At the end of 4 to 5 year, the students will eXcel in Science as well as developing individual Responsibility. Learning Journeys, Assembly Talks, Choice Enrichment Courses, Secondary Two Life Science Program and Parent-Child Workshop are conducted across the 4 to 5 years to bring about these outcomes. More details of our ELIXiR Programme can be found on our COE website. (pls insert hyperlink to COE website and delete this line)

Secondary 2 Life Science Program The programme is specially designed to give students various aspects of Life Science, ranging from the basics on preparation of media for bacteria culture to forensics science DNA fingerprinting, and to higher level bioinformatics. The students do not only gain hands-on learning experience, but also deepen their knowledge and application of Life Science in the real world. The programme is conducted in the Life Science Centre in the school, which is a fully equipped facility with modern equipment and apparatus.