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Mother Tongue Programme


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Mission / Objectives of Department

To nurture students into creative thinkers and loyal citizens with a global outlook.

Mastery of Mother Tongues to unlock the door of their own culture.

Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment

The MTL department provides Chinese, Malay and Tamil language courses catered to the different needs and proficiency levels of our students. These differentiated courses allows students of high language ability the opportunity to stretch their potential while allowing the rest of the students to learn their Mother Tongue Languages at their own pace. Our teachers deploy engaging and innovative pedagogy such as Differentiated Instruction, Thinking Routines, Learning Study and PETALS framework that engage students in their learning. Through literature and activities, we inculcate moral values, enhance social emotional skills and love for culture. The department conducts ongoing formative and summative assessments that assess our students’ learning holistically. Meaningful assessments that assess our students’ learning through real-life application of MTL are also carried out.

Programmes and Activities

The MTL department encourages students in the active learning of their Mother Tongue Languages through our programmes. In the various activities, our students develop an appreciation for their unique cultures.

Our Departmental programmes include:

  • MTL Fortnight Activity
  • China Suzhou Immersion Programme
  • Cultural Performanc

  • e Exposure Scheme (CPES)
  • Reading Programme
  • MTL Intensive Revision Programme
  • Tradition Festivals’ Celebrations