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Mathematics Programme


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Mission / Objectives of Department

We seek to nurture our pupils to think creatively and seek innovative solutions to problems. We believe in the holistic development of students, in particular in the pursuit of academic excellence.

Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment

Our Mathematics Department comprises of Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Elements of Business Studies and Principles of Accounts. While Mathematics is a core subject for all students, students in the Express and Normal Academic stream can choose to study Additional Mathematics or Principles of Accounts. These two subjects provide opportunities for students to pursue and deepen their interest. Elements of Business Studies is offered only to the Normal Technical students which allows them to have a more hands-on-learning.

Our teachers engage our students through the use of varied pedagogy such as Differentiated Instruction, Thinking Routines as well as Learning Experiences which enable students to have deeper conceptual understanding and to see the relevance of each subject in a real-world context. Exploratory activities that are hands-on are carried out by our teachers to help our students learn Mathematical concepts and see the application of these concepts in real-life. Some of the activities the students are engaged in include the assembling of a clinometer used to find the height of flag pole in school, discovering the connection between the volume of prisms and pyramids as well as deriving the surface area of a sphere using an orange.


Besides summative assessment, our teachers use assessment for learning (AfL) strategies such as Exit Quiz to check our students’ understanding after each lesson. We have also embarked on Alternative Assessment since 2016 which allow students to solve authentic contextualised problem through independent research and collaborative learning. With alternative assessments, students are better able to string their knowledge in the subject as well as cultivate 21st Century Skills. Some examples of Alternative Assessments include building a structure that maximise limited space and planning a holiday with a given budget.

Programmes and Activities

Our Mathematics department organized programmes and activities to support students learning as well as to extend their learning of Mathematics to their daily life. In 2019, our students participated in Singapore Mathematics Olympics and clinched 3 Silver Award, 4 Bronze Awads and 5 Honourable Mentions. Our activities such as Kite-Flying (Sec 1 NA/ NT) designed by our teachers who infused STEM, Mathematics Trail (Sec 2) and Rube Goldberg Challenge (Sec 3) done in-house allow the students to see the use of Mathematics in the real world.